Summer Sunsets

IMG_3642 Can you tell i'm freezing?




Hi Everyone!

Happy Thursday! Hope all is well! We have a ton of beautiful sunsets in San Francisco, but in my personal opinion this past Sunday was one that stood out to me. Literally, i've never seen the sky that many colors at once and it didn't hurt that I had rooftop access (legally or illegally -- and isn't that a song too?)

Regardless, the weather was perfect this past weekend (hoping for another solid few days this upcoming weekend!) and even better, I picked up this striped J.Crew shirt via Crossroads for a whopping 8 DOLLARS. Seriously, I couldn't believe it. Sales, horizontal stripes and J.Crew. I'm in love.

Strap on some high tops and denim shorts and I think it's a new weekend outfit staple.

Until tomorrow!


Photos via Scott Wisner