A Quick Hello!

This may or may not have been taken in the bathroom. 0_0 photo (1)

Hi Everyone!

Happy Wednesday! A quick hello as life has been in the fast lane. HAH! Sometimes I wish I could write posts in all song lyrics. What a cool thing to try out, right? I promise no Dashboard Confessional or Coldplay lyrics. That's saved for my Xanga, ya'll.

Anyway, the craziness continued yesterday when I spilled water on my MacBook and had to buy a new one. Alas, it's fine. Just an item and in the grand scheme of things, i'm safe, happy and healthy. Just well...you know...sucked. Anyway, precautions are going to be taken to ensure my new, little MacBook BB is alive, well n' kickin'.

That means the following:

  • Laptop Case (know of any cute ones with fun designs?)
  • Keyboard case (to ensure that water does NOT get into my computer again!)

If ya'll know of any MUST HAVE techy accessories, please help a sista out.

In the meantime, to lessen my sorrows I indulged in Racer 5, a giant meatball from Per Diem and copious amounts of cheese. HOLLA BLUE CHEESE!

Oh, and this sweater that I picked up at Zara for $25. Yeah, i've been wearing that for several days now. And will be wearing it this weekend to Outside Lands. JUST TO INFORM YA'LL!

Until tomorrow!


Photos by Lucas Mayer