Never met a crazy pattern I didn't like. Skirt: Bar III via Macy's | Shoes: Converse A peak inside my home!


Does this look awkward? I felt awkward. And I feel even more awkward pointing out the fact that i'm awkward.

Hi Everyone!

Happy Tuesday! Ya'll...I have to say, i've been coveting this skirt for months. Every time I went to Macy's, I saw this glorious Bar III creation, with a fun asymmetrical hem, crazy pattern and steep-ish pricetag.

I held back, trying it on several times, then putting it back where it belonged. Alas, several weeks later...I found that very skirt. On SALE. FOR SIXTEEN DOLLARS. And I put it back where it belonged -- on my bootay.

Taking a page from one of my favorites, Sincerely Jules, I paired the loud skirt with some Converse (creature of comfort) and my trusty leather! So simple. So perfect.

Until tomorrow!