Sexay And The City

Shirt: H&M | Skirt: J.Crew | Shoes: Zara via Andi | Flower: H&M via Andi Yes, I look nerdy. I KNOW.






Hi Everyone!

Happy Thursday! I hope ya'll are have a killah day. I spent the majority of my Sunday evenings in college watching the beloved Sex & The City with my roommates. We always used to joke, relate to the stories and pick which "girl" we were most like. I feel like I have a little of all four of them in me. What about you guys?

Anyway, I saw this look a few days ago from one of my favorites Devon Rachel and knew it was too good when I had a skirt EXACTLY like hers. And you guys...this skirt is from J.Crew. I found it on sale at Crossroads Trading for HALF the cost a few months ago. Being a J.Crew lovah,  I just had to snag it. I had to alter it a bit, but I'd say it's a pretty insane skirt.

Pair it with a striped top, some nude heels (holla Andi for letting me borrow these Zara beauties!) and a flower. Definitely have to say I was feelin' like Carrie Bradshaw and I were kindreds. Sans the designer clothing. And well, the sex column.

Anyway, i'm off to Tahoe this evening for my birthday on Saturday! I'm very excited to trek up North with a ton of good friends at a beautiful location. Just what a birthday girl hopes for.

Have an amazing day!


Photos by Lucas Mayer