Weekend Snapshots

Starting off the weekend seeing my co-worker Sammy and his band The Scribe Project perform! Mimosas and the best card game known to man.

Lurdies night with my gals Sarah & Courtney.

Swing Dancing Class at Golden Gate Park!

For some reason, I thought this photo was a GREAT idea because of the sign. Must have been the mimoas at breakfast...

Striking out at Mission Bowling!

Beautiful day overlooking the Academy of Sciences.

For those who know me, this set of cards was just TOO perfect.

Pretty poyfect weekend.

Hi Everyone!

Happy Moooooonday & hope ya'll had a great weekend. Supes relaxing on this front. I did "adult" things like laundry and pay my credit card (HOLLER!) but also managed to have some twenty something silliness that included mimmys (just sounds way better than mimosas, right?), Cards Against Humanity, seeing my c0-worker Sammy and his band The Scribe Project perform, impromptu swing dance classes in Golden Gate and bowling at Mission Bowling!

Pretty awesome, indeed. Did you guys do anything fun this weekend?

This week should be pretty packed with fun like a Giants game (won't be wearing a dress this time...lesson learned), seeing Trails & Ways and Wine Riot! San Francisco, you ain't half bad. 

Until tomorrow!