Weekend Snapshots

Homemade breakfast complete with a Sriracha heart on my eggs! Alamo Square chillin' with this cutie.

A true "Treat Yo'Self" Saturday. Hazelnut ice cream from Bi-Rite!

Gorgeous flowers I picked up to give to a friend!

NOPA Block Party. Let me just say, it was adorable.

My lovely friend Michael and me at Kate Nash!

The absolutely mesmerizing Kate Nash!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you're having a killer Monday! So, I think this happens quite frequently, but I'm sick...again. It appears I've caught some bug and haven't been feeling my prime. Alas, a good weekend was had and I enjoyed every last bit!

From homemade breakfasts to snagging a mid-day ice cream come from Bi-Rite to seeing the lovely and talented Kate Nash, i'd say it was a pretty great few days.

A lot going on in the next several days and I am especially excited for my first ever Bay to Breakers! If ya'll are attending, are you guys dressing up? If so...i'm at a loss on what to wear. HALP. 

Until tomorrow!