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Hi Everyone!

Happy Wednesday! So awhile back, I went to Los Angeles for the amazing LuckyFabb Conference. A whirlwind of a trip, I met a ton of AMAZING bloggers, fashion fanatics, saw insanely cool outfits and learned about the world of blogging (as a blogging novice, it was so helpful -- I suggest everyone go next year!).

During my time at LuckyFabb, I met so many inspirational women and I have to say, Stacey Kelly was definitely one of those people. A fellow blogger and glasses afficionado, she has a blog appropriately titled Spectacular Is...

Not only does her blog revolve around my favorite wardrobe staple (GLASSES!) but she is an incredibly warm and stellar lady. Also, did I mention she's a kickass photographer? Seriously, this girl has chops that I can only dream of coming close to one day!

And while she lives in LA, I know Stacey and I are sistas from anotha optical mista. So of course, for a Words of Wisdom Wednesday, I asked her to guest post not only about herself but her journey with Spectacular Is.

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It all started in the 7th grade.  After falling in love with Judy Blume books, I went from reading like a normal person to reading books about 2 inches from my nose.  I was in denial.  I needed glasses.

My first pair were these hideous thick tortoise frames that embarrassed me then, but I would covet today.  Suddenly, I felt like the outcast at school,, buried in my own books and no longer getting attention from the cute Italian boys.  It would be years later that I learned that it was my own insecurity and not the glasses that forced me to hide from others.

Fast-forward to high school graduation and my mother gives me another set of lenses:  a Nikon 60N film camera.  I was in LOVE with this camera.  I took pictures of everything around me.  It was an expensive learning curve with processing film but well worth the investment.  Creating black and whites of people and landscapes were my passion.   As my creative skills grew, my insecurities faded away.  I was confident in my own skin (and glasses!)

Today, I’ve learned to fuse my love of glasses and photography in my blog .  As Aimee uses her blog to discover her new world, I use my blog to photograph new people in various neighborhoods of Los Angeles.  The only caveat:  these people must wear glasses and be willing to model and talk about their spectacles.  With a weekly deadline of publishing every Tuesday, I’ve never had more fun expressing myself through my art.  Aimee has been kind enough to guest blog for me but my goal with her:  to get up north and photograph/interview her.  Oh, a girl can dream!



All of these photos are owned by Stacey Kelly for Spectacular Is.