Weekend Snapshots

These boots are made for walking. OR dancing to "Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy." Trust me, I did both. Gorgeous Ohio sky.

The beautiful bride, Danielle Dowling (now Strunk!)

Pinterest worthy, ya'll.

New friend I made this weekend. He was adorable. Until he shit all over when we were taking wedding photos. Cute, B.

The best woman on the planet -- my mom!


But seriously. The pinterest crew would be jellies.

Cute little boutique I wandered into!

These shoes make me feel like a cross between Elton John and Michael Jackson. Lethal combination for witnesses on my dance skillz.

An owl display grand enough even Sam Fink would approve!

Casual Sunday shawppin' day.

Thank the lawd for sales! Snagged a few fun pieces to bring back to SF!

Hi Everyone!

In transit back to San Francisco this morning, but happy Monday! Hope you all had a killer weekend. I had the most amazing time back in Ohio seeing everyone and attending my friend's wedding. Filled with laughter and happiness, i'd say this was one for the books.

I saw this quote on a mug over the weekend and thought it really held true to not only this weekend, but life in general.

"It's the little things that make life big!" 

Until tomorrow, keep kickin' azz and taking names!