Wild Thing

Jacket: William Baker | Blouse: Target | Pants: H&M | Shoes: Target IMG_0440

Something must have been funny.


Hi Everyone!

Happy Thursday!! Can I get a HOLLA, YA'LL!? Honestly, I feel that there is little sweeter than a solid Thursday. Just a bit sweeter is an even more solid Friday. ALAS, let's enjoy the day, yes!

First, I apologize for all the caps. I really can't help it, I just get excited WAY too often. See? Secondly, a woman on the street told me she liked my pants. I told her thanks and that I slaved away as I skinned 500 snakes as a joke. I think she took me seriously because she hurried away in a very quick and abrupt fashion. NOTE: I do not skin snakes nor do I make good jokes. Must work on the latter.

Also, this San Francisco weather sure is erratic. Honestly now. One day shorts and the next a coat? C'mon, SF. Let's get it together.

Still love this coat as I rely on it way too often. Thank you, Walter Baker!

Until tomorrow!


Photos by Pat Doyle