Weekend Snapshots

Absolutely gorgeousI was mesmerized (Ashanti!) by these jellyfish  for awhile.Delicious spread at Soma StrEAT Food. Orange Ginger Sangria? Don't mind if I do!Only took this picture because I found these overalls HILARIOUS. And that I wanted to steal them for myself.Sup, Big Sur. What it all comes down to. A little note left behind at The Parish Trust. Best card i've seen in quite some time. Winding down the weekend with Ms. Lyons and carbs. Pretty great way to end the weekend, eh?

Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday! I had a pretty eventful weekend and can I just say, can every weekend be like it was these past few days. Sunny, unusually warm, happy and filled with a ton of laughs and great food. I really can't complain in the slightest. 

Some highlights include exploring Big Sur for the first time, spending quality time with out of town vistors, laughing hysterically with old friends, nomming hard at SOMA StrEAT Park and ending the weekend with some solid magazine reading. 

Looking forward to an exciting week ahead and before I forget, Happy Earth Day! Do something that will help the Earth out! Doesn't matter if it's large or small -- every little thing helps! I have the awesome opportunity of doing habitat restoration with the Golden Gate National Parks Conversancy! Very exciting indeed!

Also, to pump up your Monday, I can't help but put this new Daft Punk ft. Pharrell song on repeat. Enjoy!