Hint of Print

All Andi's | Jacket: Target | Sweater: Zara | Dress: Gap | Shoes: Steve Madden (my own) Sup, Sun.

Close up, ya'll.

Trying to act coy. Failing miserably.



Hi Everyone!

Happy Thursday! So, like the first photo states...I stole this all from my roommate Andi. Honestly, it's so nice to have a fashionable roommate that I can borrow clothes from. Since I never had a sister (or brother for that matter...HOLLA ONLY CHILDREN) it's cool to have two closets! That sounds weird, but whatever. haha.

Also, I just can't get enough of these leopard booties. I wore them all last weekend and then of course, had to bust them out with this olive/tan combo. Kind of the perfect touch to break up the outfit, no?

So as we transition into the weekend and as a Thursday, I want to again say how thankful I am for everyone who reads my blog, comments, gives me feedback, advice, etc! It's so awesome and i'm truly so appreciate of each one of your words of wisdom. They all really do mean a lot!

Anyway, enough of me being sappy guys. I just couldn't help it.

Until tomorrow!


Photos by Lucas Mayer