Weekend Snapshots

Unexpected wine tasting at Rios-Lovell Winery in Livermore A little side street alley way art in the Mission

C2C at The Independent on Saturday. Best concert ever. But fo' rulz.

The happiest moment of my entire life.

Some of my favorite people touring Livermore's finest. Or something.

A mid day stop at Timeless Treasures in San Francisco

Sunday Streets!

Naturally I had beer wine tasting.


Hi and happy Monday! So yes, it's the start of a new work week but oh, the possibilities! I know I say this every Monday after a nice and relaxing weekend, but i'd have to say...these past few days were on for the books. THE BOOKS, I TELL YA! Friday was filled with much needed silliness and cringe worthy moments when I attended "Mortified."  If you're unfamiliar to Mortified, I must tell you one thing: Go. You'll be DAMN glad you did. Basically, I drank beer, heard people's embarrassing stories from their childhood and laughed my ass off. Kind of a solid way to start your weekend, eh?

The silliness continued as a group of my friends and I headed over to Livermore for some wine tasting. Livermore, you may ask? As Napa and Sonoma get far too much attention, we thought we'd spread the lover to the fellow East Bay town known for their pickup trucks (but seriously...they were everywhere) and local (and inexpensive!) wine tastings. $5 dollars for a tasting? Sorry Napa & Sonoma...Livermore has my heart.

After a fun day of wine tasting, I saw one of the best concerts i've evah seen. I mean, I'm an excited person in general but this concert was unreal. C2C is a set of DJ's hailing from France who remix a variety of songs and put on a seriously insane show. Hands down, ya'll. Want to hear more? I'd suggest listening to "Delta," "Down The Road," "Happy" and...well, hell. Just listen to the entire "Tetra" album.

Anywhoo, I hope you have a brilliant day!

Until tomorrow!