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Hi Everyone!

I hope you're having a great Thursday! I'm currently in LA attending the LuckyFABB Conference, but in the meantime I wanted to do a shoutout of this amazing laday and her blog for some time. I met Shaunna through our good friend Matt and after connecting via Twitter, I knew we were souliez (short for soulmates, ya'll). Not only is her style impeccably cool, but it's downright refreshing. Her personal style blog A Style Moment is a great account of Shaunna's solid, unique style and her even better personality. I don't know about you guys, but I love a girl who can exercise the importance of a good exclamation. One of the coolest things about Shaunna is that she reached out to me as a resource and a friend as I began the world of blogging -- something that I am still learning and getting the hang of every day. I HIGHLY suggest you go over to her site, ch-ch-check her out and say hello. You'll be damn glad you did.

Find all of her INSANELY amazing outfits and photos HERE. For more coolness, follow Shaunna on TWITTER, too!

Have an amazing day and until tomorrow!