Weekend Snapshots

Found this gem on the sidewalk and couldn't resist taking a photo. It's true! A few weekend reads

A Twin Peaks hike to close out the weekend

Ringing in St. Patrick's Day with Andi & co. Photo via Courtney Baldasare


Newest Target goodies! All on sale too!

California's State Flower, sexily named Eschscholzia californica

Another picture of San Francisco for a little end of weekend perspective

Hi Everyone!

Hope ya'll had a great weekend and celebrated St. Patrick's Day in style! I know I did! After a long work week, Friday I grabbed dinner with the roomie and went home to relax for Saturday!

For St. Patrick's Day, my friends and I brunched and then enjoyed the St. Patrick's Day festivities. After a fun filled Saturday, Sunday needed to be a bit more casual so I hiked Twin Peaks. I think San Francisco is getting unusually lucky weather, so I feel dreadful when not outside. After hiking Twin Peaks and loving the gorgeous views, we lunched outside in the Castro.

I also decided to treat mahself this weekend with a little trip to Target with the roomies. So many sales and was super PUMPED to have picked up some studded tennies, a fun green clutch (in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day) and a sweater (can never have enough, right and on a serious sale!)


Definitely a great way to end a weekend. Next weekend I'll be headed to Austin for a week with my company for a "workaway" trip. My key hopes are to indulge in breakfast tacos, get something a bit more positive than a burn and see some friends who have relocated to Austin from college. Oh, and work I guess is thrown into the mix too.

Have a great Monday!