Wild Thing

Jacket: F21 | Shirt: Men's H&M | Necklace: F21 | Pants: Talbot's | Shoes: Talbot's Absolutely love these pants!


This men's tuxedo shirt from H&M was a TOTAL find!



Hi Everyone!

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods! So, I don't know about your mother, but my mom loves to shop. Ever since I was a baby, she used to take me to the mall and stroll around (literally...because I was in a stroller. hah. hah.) and window shop. I have inherited this love of shopping and so because i'm all the way in San Francisco, her way of "mother/daughter bonding" is to buy fun items for me. Even better when they're on sale.

This is where the pants come in. And the shoes now that I think about it. But honestly, Momma Rancer did a pretty stellar job. Not only are they the right size (holla!) but they're super fun and funky -- right up my alley. Next time, i'm thinking of switching it up and pairing it with a horizontal shirt like this!

I wanted to tone down the pants for work, so I wore it with this awesome tuxedo button up from the men's side of H&M. I've always loved men's pieces and can honestly say I love it more than women's fashion. SORRY. I know. Does this make me a traitor?

Anyway, to tone down the masculine feel with the leather jacket and shirt, I wanted to wear my staple black lace up heels and add red lips.

Oh, you fancy huh?

Have a killer Thursday and to bring in the concert tonight, here's an oldie but a goodie from Passion Pit!


Photos by Lisa Wilson