Designer Spotlight: Irys Kornbluth

DSC00492 Photography via Michael Brandt

The killer middle finger print. Photography via Michael Brandt

Photography via Michael Brandt



Hi Everyone!

Happy Tuesday! As we know, New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and so many other cities around the world host their own week dedicated to highlighting new designers, showcasing prominent fashion houses and celebrating style.

A few weeks ago, San Francisco hosted their own San Francisco Fashion Week that pulled tons of designers from around the Bay Area. I was lucky enough to catch a very first one that focused on emerging designers! The Bay Area is pretty small so a close friend asked if I wanted to go check out a local designer who focused on menswear. Being a lover of men's fashion (sometimes more than women's!) I didn't hesitate.

Per usual, you had your typical fashion scene with people wearing Google Glass (seriously, only in the Bay Area) and photographers taking backstage snaps. As the show started, I focused my attention on Irys Kornbluth, a native Californian who moved from San Diego to the Bay Area for college and now calls SF her home.

Irys's collection seemed fresh and not forced. Just what you want out of a collection. Not to mention the fact that the models were caaaayyyute, Irys has a signature "middle finger" design she uses throughout her collection that I absolutely love.

Working out of the line Bird Couture through I.K. Studio, they offer pieces with custom made artwork by Kornbluth's friend and fellow artist Harley Adams, organic cotton (for the inner San Franciscan in you) and everything from t-shirts to shorts.

Irys and her team are also starting their own "virtual pop-up shop" where they will sell Bird Couture pieces for a limited amount of time. Oh, and if you thought the middle finger shirt was badass, wait till you meet Irys.

It's quite rare meeting people in-person that you get along with so easily and who are so passionate about what they do. Irys definitely not only impressed me by her talent, but her personality that makes you not only want to root for her and buy all of her shit. Surriusly. Here's a behind the scenes video a few weeks back that gives you a glimpse of the chaos.

If you want to check out more of Irys and the Bird Couture gear, check out their website and Facebook. You'll be happy you did.

Until tomorrow!