Mid Week Wine Down

For the longest time, I always thought there was only two types of wine people actually enjoyed drinking. And those were Chardonnay and Merlot. Ahh, how cute (and naive that was).

As I got settled into my California living, I started to actually take an interest in wine – after all, we’re an hour away from one of the biggest destinations for wine in the world, right? And even better? When you’re wine tasting, vineyards provide you with delicious and delectable snacks – and sometimes it’s FREE!

As my palette started to morph and I became a lot more informed on the wine landscape, it dawned on me. I ACTUALLY REALLY LOVE WINE. Well, that one’s obvious. But, I like wine besides Merlot! Or, as I used to order back in the day, “the house red.”

More often than not, you can find amazing wine at your local grocer and if you’re really lucky, you find wine at your grocery that’s good, affordable, AND semi-local. I consider that a win/win.

One of my favorite brands as of late is Bucher Wines. As a small family run winery, Bucher is committed to providing the best wine possible – for any occasion and for any price point (a personal passion).

I’m sharing 3 varieties that are a) TASTY AS ALL GET OUT and b) reasonably priced!!!

  1. RED: 2015 Bucher Russian River Pinot Noir. Think dried cherry, Ceylon tea, and cranberry. It’s savory and earthy and makes for a delicious sipping wine perfect for an Italian meal or steak. Price point: $40

  2. WHITE: 2017 Bucher Unoaked Chardonnay. This wine is crisp with a touch of citrus that throws you back to summer nights. I personally dig this one and I’ve never been the biggest fan of Chards before now! Price point: $30

  3. ROSE: 2017 Rosé of Pinot Noir. I LOVE a good rosé. How typical of me. But for real! It’s refreshing and truly, the best of both worlds. So, how can you go wrong?? This one for me is a sip anything, any day kind of wine. Price point: $25.

Is it 5 o’clock yet or is it just me? And if you love the sound of these wines above, check ‘em out for yourself through the Bucher website or for a complimentary tasting (up to $50!) at their tasting room in Grand Cru Custom Crush (1200 American Way, Windsor, CA 95492).

Photography via Kristen Marie & Elise Aileen Photography